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Crying is a complex thing. We cry for all kinds of reasons. When we’re happy, when we’re sad, embarrassed, ashamed, in love.. And sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why we’re doing it. Am I sad? Well sort of. Am I embarrassed or ashamed? You could say that. Am I relieved? I think so. Am I stressed? Of course.

Is it just a mass of emotion rolled into one?

Who knows.

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Tell me what I want to hear I don’t care if you’re lying baby 
I just want to feel you touch me right now
Go ahead and
call it love 
Tomorrow you can deny it baby
Kiss me again,
let me pretend
That it’s not wrong
Baby, lead me on

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I always think everything is good and I understand why my life is the way it is.

And then I remember that you aren’t mine and there’s a pretty good chance you’re with someone else tonight.